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Marie Teale - Hypnobirthing Doula
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Complete hypnobirthing Course & Introductory Workshop

hypnobirthing essentials - 2hr introductory workshop

About the classes

Why Hypnobirthing?

As a Doula I have witnessed first-hand how hypnobirthing, if embraced and practiced, can lead to a calmer and more positive birthing experience. 

I trained as a Mongan Method Instructor in 2012 and started teaching The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme in 2014. It’s a modern and fresh approach to hypnobirthing that focuses very much on supporting your birth choices wherever and however you plan on birthing your baby. 

Suitable at any point in your pregnancy (most parents come between 20-36 weeks into their pregnancy), there are different options available to suit every schedule and budget. 

You & Your Birth Partner

We all have unique desires and wants for our baby’s birth. What is right for one women is not necessarily right for another, and so my classes educate and support you and your birth partner to experience your baby’s birth in a way that is right for you. 

However and wherever you plan on, or end up, giving birth you and your birth partner will be armed with  different tools & techniques to help cope with whatever gets thrown at you on the day. 


Birth partners often feel helpless or powerless in the birthing room. By learning some practical and easy ways to support you they can, if you both want it, be an important part of the birth too. 

What's Covered in the Classes?

• Learn about the mechanics of labour, and how it progresses from one stage to the next.

• Find out why there is so much fear surrounding birth, how it can impact our birthing experience, and what the antidote is. 

• Gain an understanding of how hypnobirthing works, and how the breath and feeling relaxed are fundamental to an easier birth.

• Practice and learn techniques and tips to help you better able to cope during your baby’s birth. 

• Birth planning: Become informed to make choices that are right for you and your baby. 

• Discuss any concerns and worries in a friendly, informative, & fun environment.

Then What?

After the classes you will

• Have a better understanding of what actually happens during birth and  what you can do to make it a more comfortable experience. 

• Take home some hypnobirthing techniques that can support your body in working at its most effective during labour.

• Have learnt practical ways your partner can support you.

• Have your very own Birthing Toolkit. 

• Be able to focus more positively on your baby’s birth.

• Have ongoing support by phone or email from an experienced Doula and Hypnobirthing Instructor. 

• Be able to join our Amazing Birthers community and meet other local mums  at our monthly mama meet-ups. 

Evening & Weekend, Group & Private Classes at The Old Dairy in the village of Rushton, NN14.

Hypnobirthing -  Kettering, Market Harborough, & Corby.

Classes take place in our studio on the edge of the pretty village of Rushton, 5 miles from Kettering, 7 miles from Corby,  &  9 miles from Market Harborough. 

Alternatively we can arrange private classes in the comfort of your own home, and to suit your schedule. 

The Wise Hippo

Did you know that the hippo symbolizes protection of the childbearing woman in some cultures? 

The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme is a complete antenatal course that includes hypnobirthing, techniques to help combat anxiety and stress, birth planning, birth partner's role, working through your birthing options and preferences.........and much much more.

Would you like to understand what happens to your body when it's time to birth your baby?  

Amazing Birth & Wise Hippo

Teaching you to understand your body, and how to work with it in labour instead of against it.

Giving you confidence that your partner will be able to support you on the day because you've planned your birthing experience together. 

Supporting you to have “The Right Birth on the Day”

the classes