Amazing BIrthers Mama Meet-ups for Ongoing Support.

Just like an NCT group...but with Amazing Birth like-minded mamas instead.

We have our monthly group of mums who've done classes with Amazing Birth. We meet up and catch up and I can honestly say it is my

♥ Favourite Group Each Month ♥


Nowadays family groups often live so far away from each other that it’s just not that easy to hang out for extended periods or ask them for help when we need it. 

I hear the expression "fill your own cup first" a lot. It is really important to look after ourselves so that we can nurture our children and be the best parents we can be.  

We drink tea and coffee, and yes eat cake and other goodies sometimes too.

Most importantly we get the chance to talk babies, boobies, bottles, and all the ups and downs of mammy life. 

Our meet-up dates are listed on the Amazing Birth Facebook page here: