Amazing Baby, Amazing You

Baby Care Basics

I get asked lots of questions when working with mamas postnatally, and so I've created this sesssion as a one stop shop for first time mums and dads to talk through the basics of baby care;  nappies, feeding, sleeping etc.   

The session is based on my experience working with women antenatally for the past five years and the different areas that I see mamas looking for support. It's often a whole world of unknown when we are first time mums, and I hope that this class will take away some of concerns new mums have.  

It's an opportunity to go through the practicalities of looking after a baby and looking after yourself as a new mum or dad in a safe space and with other parents-to-be, who most likely have the same concerns and are feeling slighlty overwhelmed at the thought of looking after a tiny baby. 

Amazing You

Nowadays family groups often live so far away from each other that it’s just not that easy to hang out for extended periods with teenies.

I hear the expression "fill your own cup first" a lot, and actually it is really important to look after ourselves so that we can nurture our children and be the best parents we can be.  

Watch this Space

Pricing schedule for these sessions will be released in Late Novmber 2017.

In the mean time if you have any questions, I'd love for you to get in touch. 

xx Marie