what my clients say

“I'm tired and a bit sore but we're so so happy. We've been blessed with the most beautiful little boy and I'm really grateful for all the help you gave me - without it, it would have been easy to fall apart when the labour got tough. Thank you!”  - Jan

"I cannot recommend Marie highly enough. My first birth was traumatic and impersonal. Second time around I did some research and came across Amazing Birth. Thanks to Marie I had a wonderful second birth, even though things didn't go to plan (planned a home birth but had an emcs) the techniques we were taught made the world of difference and meant I was able to remain calm and rational and was able to 'own' my birth and be involved in decisions. I cannot put into words how grateful I am to Marie and this course. The ongoing support Marie provides is also fantastic, she is encouraging and completely non-judgemental and I would never hesitate to ask her anything pregnancy or baby related. Thank you Marie! "   - Laura

“The moment I spoke to Marie on the phone I knew she would be able to support us and help us figure out what was right for us. I love the Wise Hippo’s “Right Birth on The Day” approach, and the fact that we had plenty of time to work through all our options and talk to each other about what we were expecting on the day. My husband got a lot out of it, and felt more confident as we approached the birth.”    - Olivia & Adam

“ Why can’t all antenatal classes be like this?!  Even though things didn’t go to plan, we were able to stay calm enough to make our own decisions, so it didn’t feel like we were out of control. My partner learned lots of practical ways to support me, which suited him down to the ground (he was worried it would be a bit hippy when we signed up). I'm convinced the the hypnobirthing techniques I learned really helped with my quick recovery too and I loved the post-birth nurturing mp3 - Lush.”    - Rebecca

“Marie has a big heart and is passionate about supporting women in childbirth. When I ended up being induced she kept in touch over the phone and cheered me on. After we had our baby she checked in every so often to make sure we were getting on well, and making sure we had everything we needed in those early weeks.”    - Emma

"Without any doubt, I would highly recommend Marie’s services to anyone expecting a baby. My husband and I attended the Hypnobirthing course and found Marie so lovely and friendly. After a traumatic first labour, I wanted a positive and supportive birth second time round so we decided to have Marie as our doula – having her guidance, support, to have her listen to my worries was just what I needed. Marie stayed with us during my very long labour and kept me strong. She did everything to keep to my birth plan and later helped me understand the reasons for the hospital doing an emergency (unplanned) C-section. I’m now a busy mum to 2 boys I’ve been to Marie’s coffee get together with other mum’s which has been a lovely way to meet others and stay in touch. Thank you, Marie, you are amazing!"  - Karen

“Marie is really friendly and knowledgeable and was always able to answer to our questions, send us some really useful articles and signpost to information when we had some tough decisions to make”.       - Nicola

"During my research for a Hypnobirthing course I came across Marie Teale's website and learnt about Doulas. “What a fantastic and magical group of people that must be” I thought and enquired if Marie would be available for an introduction meeting.

After the first meeting my partner and I were convinced that, not just us, but everyone would benefit from having a Doula as support during the pregnancy and the birth! In addition to that, we were pleasantly surprised to learn about Marie’s Hypnobirthing course (as we wanted to do one anyway!). You haven’t heard of hypnobirthing yet? Marie is the way to go, ask her about it! It’s a decision you will still cherish in many years to come and one that empowered me to have the unmedicated birth I wanted for the health of me and my baby!

The most important things, when preparing for the birth of our first child, were that we wanted a completely natural birth and to feel like we have made every decision, consciously, and free from anyone else's potential pressure. Marie works together with her, equally wonderful, Doula-Colleague Sarah, they are a great team and we felt very confident that we can have our perfect birth as long as we have these angels by our side! The positive feeling we had, increased with every time we met up, and got proven to be absolutely right at the day of our sons beautiful, calm home-birth! I could not imagine birth without the backup of my wonderful Doulas!

Even post-natal Sarah and Marie were absolutely reliable and supported us further, with all their know-how, in making the right decisions for our family.

…A long time ago there was something called “the red tent” (google!) this was a place where (not exclusively , but definitely) woman in labour would find peace, security and the invaluable wisdom of other woman, who had experienced birth before… the concept of this resonated with something deep inside of me, so when I found Marie and Sarah, I knew everything will be fine and it was even better in the end.

My partner and I highly recommend for everyone to hire a doula for their birth!Whatever you have heard, whatever your experience in previous birth(s) might have been, however you are imagining your birth to unfold and wherever you wish to give birth, just give it a try, contact Marie (or/and Sarah) and experience the security, I had the pleasure to feel, it's priceless!"                    

-  Marie & Howard "