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Mothering the Mother

A doula is a person “experienced in childbirth who provides continuous physical, emotional, and informational support to the mother before, during, or just after childbirth” 

-Klaus, Kennell, and Klaus 1993 

If you don't have family living close by, or you'd like someone with you to look after your every need, make sure your wishes are heard and respected, or make sure your partner is ok too, a Doula could be the answer. 

This article by Penny Simkin is a great read if you'd like to understand how your Doula can help when you're birthing your baby:

How does it work?

I work with another local Doula, who I know and trust. This means that you get the benefits of a usual Birth Doula, but with two doulas to support you and the safety of knowing that in the unlikely event that one of us is unable to be there on the day, you will have the support of a doula you have met more than once and feel comfortable with. 

What we provide

We generally do all antenatal and postnatal visits together so that you get to know us both and vice versa. One or both of us will attend the birth, depending on your preference. 

We have six children between us and have a range of experience that we bring to our work.   

We will provide you with emotional, physical, and educational support to help you have a safe, positive, and empowering birthing experience. 

We want to help you look back on your baby's birth with joy and positivity.    

What is included?

​​​​A FREE initial consultation to see if we are the right Doulas for you. 

At least 2 antenatal visits to discuss your birth choices & talk through how you'd like us to support you. ​​​​

Ongoing support by telephone and email until 6 weeks after your baby has been born. 

​​​​Be on call for you 24/7 from 38 weeks until your baby arrives.

​​​​Be by your side from start of labour until 1-2 hours after your baby has been born. 

A postnatal visit including a birth debrief if you’d like one.

Breastfeeding support if you choose to breastfeed. ​​​​

Access to a lending library of books and DVDs.​ ​​​​

We offer a sliding scale fee of £750 – £1000*. This includes all of the above support. Our sliding fee scale attempts to make our services available to everyone and increases proportionate to income. 

We also offer payment plans and will do our best to support you whatever your circumstances. 

*The fee includes travel costs to your home within 20 miles from NN14 1RL. Mileage above 40 mile per round trip is charged at 45p per mile.

Next Steps

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