Session Content


Session 1 - Foundation - Consultation

The Foundation session is a consultation to see where you're at in your fertility journey, so that I can ascertain how best to support you. 

You'll also learn some stress relief and self-care techniques, as well as looking at different options specific to your unique situation. We will then work together to rebuild your confidence and trust in yourself, and your ability to handle your fertility journey.

Session 2

All emotions are useful, even the more difficult ones, and exploring your feelings at a deeper level is the first step in rebuilding your confidence. 

I'll also teach you a mindfulness technique to help reduce the negative impact of  intense feelings, whilst acknowledging them, to enable you to  feel much more emotionally in control. 

Session 3

We'll delve into your understanding of the subconscious mind and how to promote positive thinking around your goals using affirmations (a structured way to learn new ways of behaviour). 

We also work on a powerful technique to further building your self- confidence; in achieving your goals, and in your ability to get pregnant.

Session 4

By now you are able to accept what you can’t control and you've learnt that that you can handle anything.  We'll work on transforming difficult feelings into positive ones and I'll teach you various coping strategies.

Session 5

Once you're feeling in a much stronger place to focus on your desire to get pregnant, we work on helping you to follow your instincts, and focus on your body being in an optimum state to get pregnant. 

Session 6

You're ready to  focus on being set-free from your emotional prison, feeling able to enjoy life once again, and feeling confident about focusing on your desire to have a baby.

* Session 7 takes place 4-6 weeks after Session 6 to discuss how you are using your tools and techniques and support you as needed.