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Supporting Your Emotional Wellbeing

1 in 7 couples deals with fertility issues and there is a huge gap in emotional support. The focus is always on the clinical side of getting pregnant. 

Almost every aspect of life is impacted; relationships with friends, family, work colleagues, home life, sex life…I help women to break free from the emotional overwhelm & all-consuming nature of the fertility journey, to live a full life again, while gently creating space for a baby. Fertility Support in Kettering Fertility Coaching in Kettering



Struggling with fertility issues can become overwhelming and isolating, inadvertently trapping women and their partners in an emotional prison, from which it is hard to escape.  

The sessions provide you with the opportunity to discover what obstacles or challenges there might be in your life, perhaps hidden at a subconscious level, since you started experiencing fertility issues. I'll support you as your Fertility Doula, holding space and asking the right questions as you navigate your own journey to a happier life, whilst respecting your desire to have a baby.  

How does it work?

Clarity Call


A  free 15 minute Clarity Call  to discover whether AFF is right for you and if we are a good fit. It is the first step in building the supportive relationship with me, but in no way commits you to going any further. 



A 2 hour Foundation session to share where you are at right now. Together we will then set the goals and measurable actions plan for you to follow as you start your journey away from the overwhelm and isolation.



A further 5 x 60-90 minutes sessions set at regular intervals to give you enough time to put into practice what has been discussed and learnt during each session, as you start to feel more able to cope and plan for the future.

Giving The Power Back to YOU


I believe that you know how to handle and resolve all challenges that you may have in your life, and you have the answers to what is right for you on your fertility journey, even if those answers appear to be obscured, concealed or hidden for now. 

Tailored to your situation


My skill is knowing the right questions to ask you, and having the right tools & techniques to empower you to find those answers within yourself.  I recognise that the impacts themselves will vary from person to person, even if they might appear to be the same. Fertility Support in Kettering Fertility Coaching in Kettering

Expert Guidance


I also recognise that you are your own best expert and know what you need on your fertility journey and what is right for you. I am an expert in the Fertility Freedom Formula and as such, I will help you to discover what your own personal way for living life positively looks like. 

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Session By Session Breakdown


Initital Consultation

The 2hr Foundation session is a consultation to see where you're at in your fertility journey, so that I ascertain how best to support you. 

You'll also learn some stress relief and self-care techniques, as well as looking at different options specific to your unique situation. We will then work together to rebuild your confidence and trust in yourselves, and your ability to handle your fertility journey.

Session II

· Understanding how distraction leads to frustration and depression.

· Understanding that all emotions are useful, even the more difficult ones, and exploring your feelings at a deeper level.

· A mindfulness technique to help reduce intense feelings and return back to a neutral place, where you feel much more emotionally in control. 

· A technique that helps prevent the fear that comes with constant worrying. Fertility Support in Kettering Fertility Coaching in Kettering

Session III

· Understanding the subconscious mind.

· Promote positive thinking around your goals using affirmations. 

· Building confidence in yourselves, in achieving your goals, and in your ability to get pregnant, using a gorgeous guided imagery technique.

Session IV

· Accepting what you can’t control and learning that you can handle anything. 

· How to transform difficult feelings into positive ones. 

· Coping strategies.

Session V

· Once you're feeling in a much stronger place to focus on your desire to get pregnant, we work on helping you to follow your instincts, and focus on your body being in an optimum state to get pregnant. 

Session VI*

 · Helping you focus on being set-free from your emotional prison, feeling able to enjoy life once again, and feeling confident about focusing on your desire to have a baby.

* An additional ‘checking in session’ is available 4-6 weeks later to discuss how you are using your tools and techniques and supporting you if needed.